OQB.COMMUNICATIONS coaches, consults, and manages clients – making it easier for them to negotiate the challenges confronting them in our complex, global world. Our network of partners ensures our clients a smoothly run service experience.

We have 20 years of sound experience in the areas of:

  • journalism/press work and media relations

Well leveraged press and media work is not only the best way for disseminating Information and gaining feedback, it is also becomes the most cost-effective marketing tool. Information circulation is the key for any kind of venture development.


We supply news agencies, news outlets, broadcasters and journalists with background information, complete articles and press releases.

References: Bader TV News, EJPress, Chabad News, Ynet, The Italian Business Review, Treuhandanstalt, Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH


Clients may hire us to manage their media relations. In this sense, we operate as their external press-office and reputation manager. We and our partners have a wide range of channels which allow us to supply news agencies, news outlets, bloggers, broadcasters and individual journalists with information aimed at enhancing the image of our clients. Information we distribute includes press releases, news stories as well as audio and video footage. Media monitoring can and should be included in the follow-up work.

  • business development
  • public relations
  • arts and culture production
  • protocol / representative work
  • translation and back-office management services
  • travel planning / intercultural communications