OQB.COMMUNICATIONS coaches, consults, and manages clients – making it easier for them to negotiate the challenges confronting them in our complex, global world. Our network of partners ensures our clients a smoothly run service experience.

We have 20 years of sound experience in the areas of:

  • journalism/press work and media relations
  • business development

Business Development

Nothing is static; the business pie is always getting smaller; competition is always getting more vicious! With this in mind, we know that the key to a business' survival is its reputation as well its ability to recognize trends and adapt to them. Believe it or not, business opportunities can be boosted if managed in the right way.

Our strengths include being able to understand the challenges facing our clients and putting these into perspective for them – beginning with the development of good ideas. These ideas are a result of our staunch belief in using and implementing cs-marketing and media techniques alongside an array of other tools available to us. We ready our clients to implement these good ideas – preparing them to fill market niches or to get ahead or, at least, to be on par with the competition.

Reputation management and conflict resolution is an integral a part of our work.

Over the past 20 years, we have worked intensely in the areas of location-marketing economic development, event and protocol management, media work as well as business and organizational evolutionary processes.

The underlying principals of b2b, p2b have been second-nature for us.

  • public relations
  • arts and culture production
  • protocol / representative work
  • translation and back-office management services
  • travel planning / intercultural communications