Oliver Bradley

Oliver Bradley is a communications consultant based in Berlin. He derives his work experiences from journalism/press-work, distribution work, location marketing, promotion, b2b, coaching, public diplomacy and protocol. He has worked as a consultant in the privatizations and economic development sectors as well as in journalism. He began working fully as a free-lance consultant in 1995, with the founding of his firm Brand X Mediators.

Oliver Bradley was born in Rome and was raised and studied in the United States. He has worked in the US, Italy and Germany. He has travelled to 70 countries making him a facilitator on cross-cultural themes.

He has been an honorary board member of the District Management Council “Schöneberger Norden” since 2008 – having won re-election in 2010 for a second two-year term. Furthermore, he has had extensive b2b experience in Germany, Italy, USA, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Oliver Bradley was born in Rome and raised and educated in the United States.

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